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Welcome to The Heights Group, a premier developer of prime real estate within the Bucharest metropolitan vicinity of Romania. For individuals and corporations, The Heights Group is a smart option for investing in properties in an area of the world which is experiencing unprecedented growth trends and exhibits amazing potential.

Why Romania?

The current political and economic climates of Romania have resulted in an extraordinary set of circumstances for successful real estate development.

Beginning with the fall of communism in 1989, and continuing with European accession in 2007, Romania has emerged as a resilient and beautiful country, which is experiencing rapid modernization. With a large, up-and-coming middle class, it is estimated that 200,000 new homes will be needed in Romania within the next few years, which is a level of demand never before seen in the country.

Also contributing to the robust development conditions, is the recent availability of mortgage financing in 2003. With banks and creditors rushing to provide credit to the new middle class, Romanians are now able to obtain credit for homes and often are the proud owners of luxury items such as exotic sports cars. Romania is currently attracting corporations from around the world including Toyota, ING Bank and Oracle. The country’s competitive labor rates and excellent work ethic make Romania a desirable location for both investors and corporations.

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